⑫ Staining

Marchi staining method for denatured myelin sheath staining

Only denatured myelin sheaths have reduced osmium tetroxide and stain as black granules.

Staining procedure

1Dissecting a fixed brain 2 to 3mm
2StainingStaining solutionPlace tissues in a sealable container and shake. Leave for 7- 21 days
3WashingRunning tap water1 day
4Dehydration *See Dehydration
5Clearing *See Clearing
6Paraffin impregnation *See Paraffin impregnation
7Paraffin embedding *See Paraffin embedding
8Sectioning *See Sectioning
9DeparaffinizationXylene3 changes, 10 minuntes each


Staining solution

1% potassium chlorate solution60ml
1% osmium tetroxide solution20ml
acetic acid1ml
37% formalin solution12ml