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Core curriculum of Neuropathology

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Cellular pathology / Ependymal cell

The following findings are generally observed in abnormal ependymal cell changes:

Ependymal granulation

Granulation is often observed when ependymal cells are lost and scarring occurs. Although common in the hydrocephalus, the change is rather nonspecific.

Subependymal gliosis

Gliosis can form in the subependymal cells; however, it generally has little clinical significance. Highly intense gliosis can form in tuberous sclerosis, which is called Shaslan’s gliosis.

Intranuclear virus inclusion

In cytomegalovirus infection, intranuclear inclusions form in neurons, glial cells, and ependymal cells.

Buried ependyma

Ependymal cells are often found buried in the cerebral parenchyma but not in the cerebral ventrical wall.