A ghost neuron

| by erika seki
梗塞巣の中にはred neuronはたくさん点在しています。その中に、細胞質も核もピンクのニューロンと細胞質は赤く核は濃い青のニューロンがあります。両者は何か違うのでしょうか。Ghost neuronと言う表現を使う論文がありますが、全身ピンクのニューロンがghost neuronなのでしょうか???

Many red neurons are scattered in the core of the infarct lesion. I realized that there are two types of red neurons. One is a neuron with pink cytoplasm and nucleus and the other is a neuron with red cytoplasm and dark blue nucleus. Is there any difference between the two? There are papers that use the expression Ghost neuron, but is the whole body pink neuron a ghost neuron?

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