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Welcome to the sample room !

You can view brain cutting videos and WSI samples of normal cells and pathological findings.
There are explanations directly on WSI, so you can learn in an easy-to-understand manner.


Macro Neuroanatomy

Macro Neuroanatomy

Many of the macro photos posted here were taken at angles that are not found in brain atlas books being published so far. I'm sure you will be interested in them.


Brain Cutting Movie

brain cutting movie

You can watch a lot of videos of brain cutting. The explanation is also written on the video screen, so it is easy to understand.


Web Microscopy

Cellular Neuropathology

There is a lot of WSIs of pathological structures of neurons and glial cells. The observation area is shown and annotations are also written on the WSI.

Disease Cytopathology

There is a lot of WSIs that can be helpful in diagnosis of neurological diseases. In the future, the number of diseases will increase.

Normal CNS Histology

You can view the gross images, the maps using stained specimens, and WSI of the CNS for each location. No better teaching materials of neuroanatomy.

Muscle Diseases

Virtual slides of muscles are very valuable for studying pathology of diseases that primarily and secondarily affect skeletal muscles.