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ナポレオンの帽子 Napoleon's hat

| by erika seki

When I was dehydrating blocks, I noticed that there is a structure called the Napoleon hat in one of the blocks. It is the place surrounded by the red circle in the photo. Actually, it is the lateral geniculate body. Professor Arai says that it is sometimes called a Napoleon hat because of its shape.

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活動開始 I returned to work

| by erika seki

The emergency declaration has been lifted. The time has finally come for the world to move again. I returned to work from today. Tomorrow we scheduled a brain dissection.
I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Arai handling the dissection knife.
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これからの働き方 How to work from now on

| by erika seki

While working from home, I thought about how to work from now on. I am a technician to maintain the functions of our laboratory, so I need to go to work. However, there are many things that I can do at home, such as creating documents. I think it would be better to classify my jobs in colors. For example, work requiring attendance is color-coded in red, and work at home is colored in blue. I could assemble my work schedule by coloring my work. That sounds reasonable to me.
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久しぶりの出勤 I went to work

| by erika seki

I went to work for the first time in a month. There were fewer commuters than usual, and the commuter train was vacant. I talked to my colleagues and felt that it is good to have face to face conversations. I realized that carrying my backpack while commuting is good strength training.
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今日は祝日 Today is a holiday

| by erika seki

Today is a holiday, isn't it? I noticed it from the morning news. When I work from home every day like this, I lose the sense of the day of the week. I plan to spend my holiday in the garden. By the way, I sometimes wonder if this opportunity could be an opportunity to change the way we work. Work in the lab is essential to me, but there are many jobs I can do at home. I think that it is a good idea to keep working from home depending on the types of work even after the infection is under control.

Spinach sprouted

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在宅勤務で得たもの Benefits of working from home

| by erika seki

It has been 3 weeks since I start working from home. I don’t go out other than going to grocery shops sometimes. This is the only thing I can do to prevent the spread of the infection. There are not many things I can do at home, but there are many benefits. First, I don’t need to commute! Second, I have plenty of time to read papers, and then I spent more time with my family than ever. This is the most significant. Since my husband is a workaholic, and my daughters are busy at school and club activities, I usually have limited time to communicate with my family. By the way, there is a demerit of working from home. Since cooking and eating are my only pleasures at home, I am getting pounds.
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頭部外傷 TBI 2

| by erika seki

It is estimated that almost 69 million people suffer from TBI worldwide every year(1). It is a large number of people. Many papers indicate that the definition of TBI is a brain dysfunction caused by mechanical forces. The main cause of TBI is motor vehicle accidents, followed by falls and assaults(2). The consequence of TBI can be severe, and it can lead to death in the worst case. TBI is one of the main death causes in young people in developing countries. I think that the head is important. We must protect our brains as far as we can. We cannot put helmets all the time, but we should do so at least while riding bicycles. Though, it is uncommon in Japan.

1. Dewan M.C., Rattani A., Gupta S., Baticulon R.E., Hung Y.C., Punchak M., Agrawal A., Adeleye A.O., Shrime M.G., Rubiano A.M., et al. Estimating the global incidence of traumatic brain injury. J. Neurosurg. 2018;130:1080–1097.

2. Myburgh JA1, Cooper DJ, Finfer SR, Venkatesh B, Jones D, Higgins A, Bishop N, Higlett T; Epidemiology and 12-month outcomes from traumatic brain injury in australia and new zealand.J Trauma. 2008 Apr;64(4):854-62.
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在宅エクササイズ Exercising in my home

| by erika seki

It takes 3 hours round trip to commute, and I usually walk for about 50 minutes during that. Because I am at home and don’t need to walk, I exercise in my home by pedaling an indoor bike. We purchased this bike for my father-in-law. It is for training his weak legs. I never imagined that this bike would help me like this.

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頭部外傷と軸索損傷について1 TBI and DAI 1

| by erika seki
私たちの研究室では、法医学関連施設からの依頼で頭部外傷 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)の件を取り扱うことが時折あります。 もしくはその疑いがある件です。新井先生から主にHEとKBとβAPPの免疫染色を頼まれます。新井先生はHEでおおよその見当をつけた後、他の染色結果をご覧になっています。特に軸索損傷のマーカーとして利用されてきたβAPPの染色結果が肝心となります。ところが、βAPP陽性イコールTBIによる軸索損傷とは言えません。TBI以外にも軸索損傷を引き起こすと考えられている病態(虚血性低酸素症、低血糖、てんかん、一酸化炭素中毒など)はあります。これからブログに少しづつですがβAPPやそれに関わることについてつぶやいていこうと思います。

We sometimes work on cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) or suspicious cases of TBI upon requests from forensic facilities. Dr. Arai asks me to carry out H & E and K & B staining and βAPP immunostaining. He first looks at H & E stained slides for his diagnosis and then looks at others. It is important to look at βAPP because it is frequently used as a sensitive marker of axonal injury. However,  βAPP immunoreactivity doesn’t mean that an axonal injury was caused by TBI. There are other causes such as hypoxic ischemia, hypoglycemia, epilepsy and carbon monoxide poisoning. I am going to blog about TBI and βAPP.

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富士山 Mt. Fuji

| by erika seki

This Sunday I went to the street near my home where I could see Mt. Fuji over there. I could see Mt. Fuji more clearly than ever. This may have happened since the spread of COVID-19 infection has reduced the degree of air pollution.
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